Receive files from customers with orders

Accept Large Files
Let your customers upload high-resolution images and large files (up to 2GB)
Built-in Image Editor
Shoppers can preview, rotate and crop images right in their browser before uploading
Streamline Orders
Uploaded files are attached to the order and viewable from the Shopify administrative dashboard


Uploadery offers everything you need to let shoppers upload files when adding products to their cart.

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  • Easily add an unlimited number of upload fields to your products
  • File uploads up to 2GB -- 100x more than any other app!
  • Uploaded files appear with the order in your Shopify dashboard
  • Validation: configure minimum and maximum heights, widths, and aspect ratios for uploaded images
  • Accept any file type or restrict uploads to just the formats you want (ie ".jpg, .gif, .pdf, or .png" only)
  • Validate your image dimensions with minimum and maximum heights, widths, and aspect ratios -- great for stores that require their customers to upload high-res images

We love this app and the team behind it. Uploadery is simple, clean, elegant, and the team is extremely responsive and nice.

Wood Scape Prints

Just what I needed to help my customers upload files that are necessary for customizations.

Unbreakable Man

Enterprise-level Reliability

Always on, always secure and always fast. Our cloud infrastructure handles the most demanding requirements.

Exceptional Support

Online support, tools, training, coaching, direct phone support, enhanced support SLAs, success management and more.

Committed to Your Success

Just one of the reasons why leading retailers rely ShopPad as the backbone of their commerce operations.

Uploadery can fundamentally change the way your business operates, creating measurable value for your store.

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