Automatic Currency Conversion

Reach More Shoppers
Sell to a global audience by automatically converting your prices into the currencies your shoppers are visiting from
Always Accurate
Coin's exchange data provides timely conversions based on the latest rates
Automatic Conversions
Give your visitors a seamless shopping experience with our commercial-grade GeoIP detection that converts prices automatically


Reach more shoppers by supporting all of the global currencies on your Shopify store. Coin can convert prices to your shopper's home currency automatically, by menu selection, or both!

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  • You have full control over how your converted currencies are displayed (round to whole numbers, with or without currency names, etc)
  • This is a great solution for stores that need to comply with Google's native currency policies
  • Only Coin utilizes the gold standard in commercial IP detection to quickly identify where your customers are coming from and automatically convert prices to the appropriate local currency for your shoppers
  • Coin is fully compatible with stores that dynamically show prices or make use of AJAX
  • Get a currency selector that matches the look and feel of your store or have it integrate with your existing theme's currency feature
  • Coin works with Sufio, the #1 invoicing app for Shopify. With Coin and Sufio working together, your customers will see prices in their local currencies throughout their shopping experience
  • Our exchange rate data is constantly updated 12x more often than any other app and includes all of the major currencies, including Bitcoin

I'm very happy with the Coin app. It is neat, tidy, and suited the style of my website.

Halite Clothing

We sell globally so now with Coin, we can easily select our top 5 countries to display local currencies just for those regions which frequent our site the most.

Klay Life

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Coin can fundamentally change the way your business operates, creating measurable value for your store.

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