Run your business systems in perfect harmony with your Shopify store.

Need to integrate your ERP, accounting solution or any other 3rd party solution to your Shopify store? Harmony makes it happen. Talk to an expert today to learn how Harmony can integrate your backend.

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Orchestrate any Shopify object such as orders, fulfillments, products, inventory, customers, metafields, refunds, gift cards, or discounts

Real-time intelligence from the "Harmony Command" Shopify application

24x7 monitoring with North American support

for Shopify Stores

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Workflow Automation

Harmony connects your Shopify store with the mission-critical applications that run your business processes and information flows. It doesn't matter whether those applications are on-premise, in the cloud, or both. Harmony’s fully-managed Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) allows all of your data connectivity to be seamlessly handled in the cloud.

Data Mapping

Machines need a common language in order to exchange information. Harmony’s Data Mapping becomes the translator between Shopify and your enterprise systems. Additionally, Data Transforms, Conditional Logic and Data Filters allow for powerful manipulations that create seamless integrations across your enterprise.


Harmony works according to the rhythm of your business so that the latest information is always available right when your team needs it. Does your warehouse have their pickup at 4pm every day except Sundays? Our specialists will work to understand your business and help you to design a seamless configuration.

Integrate Shopify With Your...

Enterprise Resource Planning
Product Information Management
3rd Party Logistics
Inventory Management System
Order Management System
Customer Relationship Management
Point of Sale
Application Programming Interface

Future-Proofed Ops

Maintain speed and agility throughout application lifecycles by swapping business systems without the need to deploy developer resources. When applications no longer provide value, simply decouple them.


Need multi-language, multi-warehouse, CMS functionality? Harmony gives you the capability to scale and develop at a moments notice. Connect your eCommerce channel with any tool you can imagine.


Harmony is built from the ground-up for enterprise scale. Our elastic network of cloud agents is 100% scalable to meet the needs of merchants especially for retailers during peak times like holidays, flash sales, and during periods of exponential growth.


Regardless of how big or quickly your business is growing, Harmony delivers the same fast, efficient and error free process, every time; eliminating human error and lost data. Automation reduces processing time and improves customer communication so that ROI follows fast once key systems are connected.


Integration is never a "one size fits all" proposition. Harmony is designed for robust customization at every level. This includes mapping, transforms, filtering, scheduling, batching rules, conversions, workflows and conditional logic. More than just a simple connection of data points, Harmony gives you visibility and control into how, when and which systems can communicate with each other.

Harmony can fundamentally change the way your business operates, creating measurable value for your store.

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